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Reliable Toilet and Sink Rentals in Halifax and Central Nova Scotia

Why Choose Us?

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Detailed Planning

You can trust us to professionally plan everything for you, from placement to installation and removal.

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All our toilet units are offered to you at competitive prices so that we don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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Quality Services

We are dedicated to providing high-quality and can easily manage commercial as well as residential needs.

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Efficient and Versatile

We have a versatile range of products that can fulfil all your needs. From handwash stations to sinks, we have them all.

Jack's Expert Flush & Toilet Rentals offers toilet and sink rentals for the people of Halifax and Central Nova Scotia. We are equipped and trained to provide services for all scales and natures of usage. Our portable flushable toilets are designed to remove waste as often as required so that the unit stays clean for the next person to use. We can also offer additional solutions like paper towels, sinks, and soap to provide our customers with a complete sanitary experience. Our services are available across Sheet Harbour, Halifax, Middle Musquodoboit, Chester, Hubbards, Bedford, Timberlea, Goodwood, Dartmouth, and Cole Harbour. Contact us to get portable toilets set up for your next event.


Jack's Expert Flush & Toilet Rentals is equipped to take care of all your commercial portable toilet requirements. We provide pink toilets for ladies and blue for gents working at construction sites for a hassle-free experience.

Products We Offer


This portable restroom from PolyJohn is lightweight yet sturdy with a spacious design and user-friendly functionality.

PJN3 Recirculating

The PJN3 Recirculating Flush provides a user-friendly function of flushing away waste after each use.

PJN3 Fresh Flush

Perfect for high-end events, the PJN3 Fresh Flush offers our biggest upgrade, i.e. allowing waste to be flushed with fresh water after each use.

PJP3 Recirculating

A variant of the PJP3 model, this one allows waste to be flushed away after each use, making for a user-friendly solution.

PJP3 Fresh Flush

An upgraded version of our all-plastic front standard model, the PJP3 Fresh Flush allows waste to be flushed away with fresh water after each use.

Fleet Fresh Flush

This variant of our luxury portable toilets is a perfect fit for weddings and high-end events, and it allows waste to be flushed away with fresh water.

Comfort XL

PolyJohn's Comfort XL handicap-accessible portable toilet delivers the convenience, safety and comfort that consumers with a physical disability or mobility impediment require.

Comfort XLT Recirculating

This comes with a large tank (45-gallon capacity) and a smooth tank top for easy cleaning and offers the ability to flush waste after each use.

Comfort XLT Fresh Flush

This unit features a huge tank (45-gallon capacity), a smooth tank top for easy cleaning and the ability to flush waste away with fresh water after each use.


This free-standing sink meets the needs of both operators and end-users and is PolyJohn’s best single-user standalone sink yet.

Heated Encore

This version of Encore is PolyJohn’s popular free-standing sink that offers warm water for handwashing.


This is one of the finest free-standing sinks in the industry that offers many new features like an improved soap dispenser, integral keyless locking, reinforced rod hinges, and more.

Heated Bravo

Equipped with all the key features of Bravo, this version also offers warm water for handwashing, enhancing the user’s comfort and convenience.

4-person Wash Station

Having 4 stations with their own soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, and foot-operated, hands-free pump, this free-standing unit is perfect for areas with high foot traffic.


This in-unit sink is a versatile one with various applications and the ability to be used with a wide range of portable toilet models.

PJN3 Sink

This is an add-on to our PJN3 standard toilets and offers a convenient alternative to gel and foam sanitizers.

Fleet Sink

This is an add-on to our luxury Fleet toilets and offers great comfort to VIP users by eliminating the need to use gel and foam sanitizers.

Euro Sink

This self-contained hand washing sink can be added to PolyJohn’s PJN3, PJP3, and similar models and is a smart sanitation option.

Heated Euro Sink

This is a warm-water variant of the Euro sink and offers greater comfort and convenience to its users.

Our Rental Sanitary Solutions

Have a look at the sanitary units you can rent from us:

  • Regular toilet

  • Regular toilet with sink

  • Adapted toilet

  • Washbasin station

Regular Toilet

One of our most popular products, the portable toilet, has a top-quality construction. Our toilets aren’t just tight spaces but are fully-fledged toilets with handrails, ventilation, waste tanks and paper rolls.

Regular Toilet with Sink

An upgrade to its regular counterpart, this is a complete sanitary solution for all your outdoor events. Equipped with a handwash station, this is convenient and a lot more hygienic.

Adapted Toilet

Offering more space, convenient access, heavy-duty spring-loaded doors and a strong PE floor, this unit is perfect for wheelchair users or people with mobility problems.

Washbasin Station

The self-contained double handwash station allows more space and comes with removable sinks and lids. It offers 200-375 usage for 3-6 pumps and also allows users to add soap or paper dispensers.


Portable toilets are a great help during a renovation, a family gathering, or a backyard wedding.. It will be carefully delivered to your yard and placed as per your request.

Portable Toilets and Sinks

We can offer portable toilets and sinks for rent so that you can use them for your event or construction site.

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